Lonestar Gemological Laboratory began as a sole proprietorship in 2012 doing business as Armstrong Gemmology. During that time Mr. Armstrong attained additional gemological and appraisal qualifications and titles. The business was recognized by attaining membership in several prestigious professional organizations in the jewelry and gemstone industry.

In 2016 Mr. Armstrong realized a need to take the business to the next level so the business was reorganized as Lonestar Gemological Laboratory a Limited Liability Company. This will provide for expansion of the business in the future. Plans are to bring in additional gemologists/appraiser as members (owners) of the company. We also plan to apply to become a certified lab with the Accredited Gemologists Association

We are working on a Business Plan and Marketing Plan to expand and improve our service to the South Central Region to the consumers of jewelry and to the jewelry trade. We plan to become the first lab that the trade within the region can depend upon for grading, identification and determination of treatments at a more affordable cost and quicker turn around than offered by the major labs. However there may be times that other labs may be required. We have arrangements with those labs including the Gemological Institute or America and can send items to those labs for our clients.
Tyler, Texas Area Chamber of Commerce
Association of Independent Jewelry Valuers
American Gem Trade Association

Listed in the Jewelry Appraisers of the World Directory, 5.0 rating
Background check of Mr. Armstrong 2018
Richard D. Armstrong, CM, GG, ASG, GP, AJP
Chief Executive Officer
Very Rare Color Change Taaffeite
Firm Memberships:
Brazilian Opal
Gemological Laboratory, LLC