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An appraisal is an opinion of value for a particular market on a specific date. It is in document format, describing all qualitative attributes necessary to arrive at the value conclusion. Our Appraisals are in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and NAJA. Our appraisal reports are  legal documents.
We can provide a written appraisal for lnsuring your jewelry. Valuation will be based on new replacement value. We will not do antique or estate jewelry, at this time, that can only be replaced in the secondary market.

Insurance appraisals for obtaining insurance on your jewelry is usually at retail replacement value for a new item for most relatively new jewelry items that can be replaced in the retail market.
Who can do appraisals?

Legally anyone can appraise personal property including jewelry because in the US there are no licensing requirements or government oversight. Many jewelers who have no appraisal training will offer to appraise your jewelry and there are others out there who are appraising jewelry but have no training in appraisal.

A qualified jewelry appraiser must be a gemologist. However a gemologist is not qualified to appraise jewelry without additional appraisal training. That training should include valuation theory, appraisal methodology and appraisal report preparation. Appraisers who are members of recognized professional appraisal organizations such as the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers have appraisal training and experience and have been vetted by the organization. Look for an appraiser who is a member of a reputable jewelry appraisal organization
Appraisal Process:

When you come for your appointment you will be asked to bring any documentation you have for your jewelry. Also if possible have your jewelry professionally cleaned by your jeweler. We have limited means to clean jewelry. Having your jewelry cleaned and bringing your documentation will expedite the process and allow for more accurate grading of stones and evaluation of the condition of the jewelry

The process begins with photographing your jewelry followed by a thorough examination. We weigh, measure and describe the jewelry. Gem stones must be identified. We can not take your word or what your documentation says, but we must confirm that the gems are what they are supposed to be. We have had cases where the client thought their gems were natural but were in fact synthetic. Many gems in the market today are also treated and that affects value. So part of our examination consists of identifying any treatments. We than grade the quality of your gems for color, clarity and cut. With mounted gems we estimate the carat weight based on measurements and standard industrial formulas. When we have documentation the process is one of confirming the grades specified in the documents. Without that we must do a more thorough job of grading. Finally, the data we collect must be put into an appraisal report.

Our reports specify the purpose and use of the appraisal, the value, the type of value and how it was determined, include a complete description sufficient to reproduce the item along with multiple photographs. We must also include any assumptions and limiting factors, the appraisers qualification, instruments used and a signed "Certificate of Appraisal Practice" as required by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice". This ensures that the Appraisal Report is legally sufficient and should stand up in court.

For a simple item our examination should take about an hour. Some appraisers can do it in about 15 or 20 minutes, but we prefer to be thorough and not take any shortcuts. Sometimes it may take longer but this will not affect the fee we quoted you. Research and report preparation may take several business days depending on the difficulty of finding comparable items in the market.

We will email you a PDF copy of the report. For Insurance Appraisal we will mail you the original signed copy along with a copy for your insurance agent.

Unlike the traveling appraisers who have appraisal events a local jewelry stores, we are local and always here for you. Our goal is your satisfaction. If there are any problems or questions we are here and available to help.
Multiple Items: We have some clients who bring multiple items of jewelry for appraisal. We welcome that. However, due to the time required to examine multiple items we may not be able to do it while you wait and you may have to leave them overnight or for a couple days depending on our workload. We have secure premises and insurance so you can be sure that your jewelry is safe.
Appraisals While You Wait:  Many appraisers advertise that they do appraisals while you wait. Although this is good marketing, we do not consider it to be good appraisal practice. For a single fairly simple item we can do the examination, testing and grading while you wait and you are welcome to wait and observe the process. However research and report preparation takes time which can not always be estimated. Therefor we do not advertise "Appraisals while you wait". We normally do not charge for time spent doing research and report preparation as a reasonable amount of time is built into our per item fee.
Crown of Light (R) Diamond Appraisal: We are qualified to appraise Crown of Light (R) diamond jewelry. Since this diamond is a branded and patented diamond, the brand and patent holder have the legal right to set the price. So, our appraised value for insurance replacement is their replacment price. We do confirm the grade of the diamond(s) to esure they are what you paid for. We have had clients that had problems with their COL diamond, and as a result of our appraisal the jewelry was replaced. However in our experience such problems are rare. Diamonds International will accept our appraisals on the jewelry they sell. However, we will not intentionally undervalue jewelry so that it can be returned due to buyer's remorse. Such practice is unethical.
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We Recommend that your Insurance Appraisal be renewed every 2 years to ensure adequate insurance coverage. We can do a renewal based on a quick examination of your jewelry at a reduced fee.
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