Gemological Laboratory, LLC
Lonestar Gem Lab is not in the business of buying, selling or brokering any gems, jewelry, watches or art objects. This policy helps to avoid any actual or appearance of conflict of interest.

Our gemologists and appraisers will not sell, buy or broker any items submitted to the lab for testing and/or appraisal. Employees of Lonestar Gem Lab will not buy sell or broker any gem or jewelry item using the name or any way inferring that Lonestar Gem Lab is conected in any way to the transaction.

We are owned by the professionals who work in the lab. We are financially independent of any other company in the jewelry trade.
Being professional means striving to be the best and doing ones best at what one does. For us this means being the best appraiser and gemologist possible. Achieving that requires study and practice. We take continuing education, attend conferences, and read the professional  journals to keep up with the latest developments in gemology and requirements for appraisals.
Ethics is doing what is right, not just what is legal. It means going beyond doing what is legal. For appraisals we are bound by the code of ethics of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and the Association of Independent Jewelry Valuers. For our gemological work we follow the codes of ethics of the American Gem Trade Association and the Accredited Gemologists Association. We personally go beyound those codes in that we strive to do what is right for the users of our appraisals and reports. Part of that is to avoid any actual or appearance of conflict of interest. Our reports are based on all available information and are not influenced by our personal opinions about a gem or any piece of jewelry.
Our primary values as a company are Professionalism, Ethical and Independent. These values work togather to ensure that our clients get the best possible appraisals and/or lab reports at an affordable price. Professionalism requires that we be ethical and independent. Being ethical requires that we be professional and independent. Independence cotributes to our professionalism and ethics. These values ensure that we avoid any actual or appearance of any conflict of interest. As our clients come first these values ensure that each client is treated right and receives the best possible result whether it be advice or a written report.
Company Values