This is the best jewelry cleaner we have seen. It is foam sprayed onto your jewelry. Use the supplied brush then rinse.

Safe for all metals and gems including pearls, opal, turquoise and lapis.
Fees for the most common types of jewelry. Depending on the item additional charges may be incurred subject to the judgement of the appraiser. This may include charges for additional testing, or determination of treatments for certain gems.

We only do appraisals for Insurance Coverage.

Minimum fee for insurance appraisal of a simple item $95
Additional main stones $25 each
Plot Diagram to support diamond clarity grade $20
Additional melee stones per dozen $15
Aditional charge for earrings $50
Metal items with no stones $55
Crown of Light Diamond jewelry $85
Renewal of Appraisal $50

Additionall work required and approved by client $95 per hour.
Military and Veterans with ID card will receive a 10% discount off of all services.
Lab Services
Lab Reports:
   Diamond Report $95.
   Colored Stone Identification Report $50  
   Gem Identification without written Report
      Loose $25
      Mounted $35
   Colored Stone Premium Report $95
   Pearl Report
       Single Pearl $50
       Strands (single)
       Choker $60
       Princess $80
       Matinee $120
       Opera $160
       Rope ........Minimum of $200 plus $20 per 4 inch length over 40 inches.
       Graduated Strands will be 25% additional
       Multiple Strands 50 percent additional per strand.
   Opal Report $75
   Customs Passport  $50       
Fees are based on a $95 hourly rate. Per item fees are based on the hourly rate and the time required to appraise a typical item of the type. If a per item rate is quoted, and the appraisal takes longer than expected the per item rate will apply.
Lab Report fees are for loose stones. Mounted stones will require a 35 percent additional charge
Other lab reports such as damage reports, treatments, diamond screening and others not listed above will be at $95 per hour.
Members of the Trade call for fees to the trade.
Consumer Clients payment is required before report is released.
FREE: Bottle of Lavish Jewelry Cleaner to first 50 clients after opening Feb. 6, 2018. Minimum purchase of $95.
Lavish Jewelry Cleaner  $15

Reprints of Reports  $25
Gemological Laboratory, LLC