Gemological Laboratory services are provided to consumers and the trade.
We can identify and grade diamonds for the trade and consumers.  Our Diamond Report dscribes the dimensions, weight, shape, cut, color and grade of the diamond. It includes photographs, a plot of the inclusions (optional for diamonds of 0.50 - 0.99 carat, required for diamonds 1.00 carat and over). Also will include other identification features to include fluorescence, strain pattern, and laser inscriptions. We will also report any treatments that we can detect (fracture filling and laser drilling)

(Note we do not have the equiptment to laser inscribe diamonds)

We can screen diamonds for possible lab creation and recommend for further testing.
Gem Identification:
We can identify colored gemstones using standard and some non-standard gemological tests. Our Colored Stone Identification Report will include the Species and Variety of the gem and basic gemological properties we measured. It will include a basic description (dimensions, weight, shape and cut) and a photograph.
Colored Stone Grading:
We will grade your stones for color, clarity and cut. Color will be reported in both GIA color nomenclature and World of Color nomenclature. Our Colored Stone Premium Report includes the identification information plus the grading information. Any phenomena observed will also be reported and graded. The report will include a photo of the actual stone.
Pearl Grading:
We can grade salt water cultured pearls and fresh water pearls. An identification of natural vs cultured may be possible but not always. Our Pearl Report will include type of pearl, description and grade using our master pearls.
Opal Grading:
We love opals and love to work with them. We will determine type and if possible origin and grade using the criteria in "Opal Identification & Value" by Paul B. Downing, PhD. Our Opal Report will describe your opal including origin when possible and the grading factors with an overall grade.
Jewelry Passport:
This document provides a description with photo and a certification that we examined it and that it was in your posessionon the date of the report. This laminated report should serve as proof of ownership when clearing customs for international travel.
Damage Evaluation:
If your jewelry, diamonds or gemstones suffer any damage we have the experience and capability to evaluate the damage. We may possibly be able to determine the cause and in some cases who may have been responsible. We will also prepare and estimate of loss of value due to the damage. Our reports can be used for insurance claims and as evidence of negligence by a jeweler.
Treatments Identification:
It is estimated that about 90 percent of all colored stones including pearls in the market have been treated. Using microscopic and spectroscopic analysis we can determine many treatement of diamonds and gemstones. However there are some treatments that are not identifiable. We will report those treatments on our various reports when we detect them. It is estimated that today about 90 percent of all gems in the market are treated. This only becomes a problem when the treatments are not properly disclosed as required by FTC guidelines. For our trade clients you must be aware that you are responsibile for disclosure. You can not rely on what your vendors tell you. If there is any doubt we will a check your stones for possible treatment and in some case may recommend referal to GIA Labs or AGL (the two we recommend) far advanced testing. Eventually we plan to acquire advanced testing instruments so we can do the advanced testing in house. 
Anatomy of a Uniaxial Interference Figure in the Polariscope
Graining lines in this brown diamond proves natural color origin
Inclusions in a yellow sapphire in the microscope
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