Appraisal & Gemological Services

Outline of services and fees

Richard Armstrong of Armstrong Gemmology performs a variety of services to assist owners of jewelry, gemstones and diamonds in protecting their possessions, assessing tax liabilities, use as collateral etc etc.

Broadly, the services are split into two categories:

  • Jewelry Appraisal
  • Gemological Services

If the service you require is not listed here, please contact Richard outlining your request but please be aware that Armstrong Gemology does not buy, sell or broker jewelry or jewelry related items.

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Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry appraisals are carried out for all purposes, including this list of the more commonly encountered purposes:

Insurance Replacement - An appraisal for establishing the likely replacement cost of an item prior to securing insurance cover.
Divorce - An assessment of the open market value of an item with a view to establishing a fair settlement of matrimonial assets in the event of divorce.
Estate - A value assessment of a deceased′s assets for calculating inheritance tax and death duties due.
Donation - Tax deductions may be due on certain charitable donations, this appraisal establishes the value of that donatation, on which the tax deduction is calculated.
Gift Tax Assessment - An appraisal to detirmine the tax liabilites following a non-cash gift that exceeds the limits set by the IRS.
Casualty Loss - This appraisal is used to establish the value, typically the original cost or the market value, of an item that has been lost or severely damaged that is not covered by an insurance policy. An income tax deduction may be available to compensate for the loss sustained.
Liquidation - Used to establish the cash-value of the jewelry. The desire or need to convert the items into cash can be volountary or imposed and as such the report may contain a variety of limiting conditions based on the circumstances surrounding the need for an appraisal.
Customs Report - This is a report on a client's jewelry which attempts to identify the ownership of the jewelry and used when the client travels to another country to show Customs that the jewelry was taken out of the US by the owner, so is not subject to customs duty upon reentry.

All gem and jewelry appraisal reports, irrespective of the purpose, receive the same attention to detail and thoroughness of research. All gems will be identified, graded and any treatments will be identified.

Appraisal Fees

All appointments include an initial 30 minute consultation to establish the scope of the work required and to give a quote for the appraisal work. This consultation is offered without charge and with no obligation. Please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour for each item to be tested and graded.

Appraisal fees for a single or non-complex items of jewelry are charged on a per item basis - $85 for the first or single item and then $75 each for all additional items.

Numerous or complex items are charged on an hourly-rate basis - $85 per hour.

Contact Richard with a description of the piece(s) and services you need, an approximate fee will then be given. A firm quote will be given once the items have been seen prior to any work starting.

Sales tax of 6.75% will apply for Texas residents. Payment due at time of service. Payment may be made by check, cash or credit card at time of service. No reports will be issued until a full payment has been made.

Gemology Services

Gemstone Identification - $30 first item, additional items $20 each. (Appraisals will include Identification).

Identification of treatments - $85 per hour. Minimum time charge 20 minutes ($28). Some treatments are more difficult to identify than others. If the gemstone treatment(s) cannot be determined there will be no charge to you. Submission it to a major gemological laboratory may be recommend. The problems and limitations of determining treatments will be discussed during the initial consultation. Identification of treatments is included with appraisal.

Origin Reports may be possible for some gems, this can be discussed during your initial consultation. Comments on gemstone origin are not included in the stated appraisal fees, an additional fee will be charged if this information is required.

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